In the Press

Ricky Beliveau, owner of Volnay Capital, has been featured in numerous press outlets.  Check each out below


Boston Voyager Magazine 

"I am most proud of the steady growth of both the company and brand over the past 7 years. We have always emphasized the importance of reputation and quality. We work to ensure that every aspect of our business is done at the highest level of standards possible. This spans ensuring that all of our development projects are done correctly to providing our management clients with the best service possible


Wall Street Journal



Bigger Pockets; Episode 215

"I think it was more getting my mind to think about real estate and about the numbers of real got me thinking about the numbers and about opportunities, whereas before that I wouldn't have been even looking into that situation. It really just opened doors for me"

"In 7 years, it over doubled in value"


Joe Fearless; Episode 1001

" When we started out three years ago, we would be more selective with our demo. We wouldn’t get into the property and take everything down to the studs. We realized that to create the quality product that we want to and build the reputation that we have, you really have to start from scratch. Demo days — it takes us about 2-3 weeks to demo a property. We’ll send in a team of guys and they will take it all the way down to the studs, remove everything and we’ll start from scratch.


Joe Fearless; Episode 1349

"When you’re using social media you’re able to reach someone who might not know they wanna live in the neighborhood that you’re doing a project in… And when they see the quality of your work, and they see everything, it can trigger them to say “Hey, maybe I do wanna look in that neighborhood.” We’ve had many buyers buy from us who originally would never have considered the neighborhoods where our projects are, and the next thing you know they’re putting an offer in.