Volnay Social Media

Volnay Social specializes in the curation and growth of social media accounts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We use many techniques to drive account growth and impressions for both our accounts and the accounts of our clients.  

As of Aug 2018 our network is just under 800,000 followers with our accounts generating over 10 Million impressions per week and reaching over 1,000,000 unique users. 

If you are a company looking for consulting help on your social media or a brand looking to advertise on one of our platforms please email Ricky@VolnayCapital.com.



Kitchens_of_Insta - 550,000 Followers

Volnay Capital - 20,000 Followers

Bathrooms_of_Insta - 420,000 Followers

Bedrooms_of_Insta -  220,000 Followers

Designers_of_Insta - 85,000 Followers

Exteriors_of_Insta - 200,000 Followers

El Tour Events -  1,500 Followers

Total Followers - 1,496,500



El Tour Events - 4,200 Followers

Volnay Capital- 1,000 Followers



El Tour Events - 33,700 Followers

Volnay Capital - 3,400 Followers